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You must be 12 years of age to play at Actein. Different games will have their own rating of 12+, 15+ and 18+.


We follow the same procedure as in movie theatres when it comes to age rating. Children aged between 12 and 15 can play 15+ games when accompanied by a parent. The lower and upper age limits (12 and 18+) are absolute.

Virtual Reality Side Effects

Some players may experience dizziness, nausea, or headaches (similar to motion sickness) whilst using the technology. While each game has a VR Sickness rating, these are not guarantees as every body is different. If you experience any discomfort of this kind, stop playing and take a break.


When does Actein open?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: Closed
Wendesday, Friday: 17:00 - 22:00
Saturday, Sunday: 14:00 - 22:00
Check the Location page for more information.
Do I need to bring anything ?
You’ll need your ticket, either in paper form or on your smartphone. We recommend comfortable clothing and a sturdy pair of shoes.
Can I change the date/time of a purchased experience?
Unfortunately, we do not currently support post-purchase alterations, and tickets are non-refundable. We are, however, working on a solution for this.
What if I’m unable to attend my booked slot?
Currently, we do not offer alterations post-purchase, and tickets are non-refundable. We are, however, working on a solution for this.
How early should I arrive for my experience?
Please make sure to arrive 10-15 minutes before your session starts. Arriving after the scheduled start time will result in missed games and tickets are non-refundable.
Does Actein support birthday parties?
You are welcome to celebrate your birthday at Actein — you can even bring your own cake!
Can large groups/companies come and play?
Please contact us via the chat so that we can create a custom event for your company/group. For smaller groups (less than 32 players) we recommend using the online booking system. Please plan ahead of time so that we can ensure we have available slots for you; we’ll need to know what time you want to play, how many members will be involved in the experience, how long you plan to spend with us, and any food/drink requirements you have.
What payment options are available?
We accept most payment cards (via Paypal) as well as cash. Groups can receive a complete invoice for their visit, which must be arranged in advance.
Where is Actein located?
You can find us at Kongsgata 29, Larvik.
Do you serve food/drink?
Yes, we serve both soft drinks, water and some easy snacks.
How do I use the equipment?
The HTC Vive technology we use involves a wired headset to view the simulated reality, and two handheld controllers with which to interact with your environment. We encourage players to help each other, and there will be staff on hand to assist you should you have any problems. For more information on the basic functions of the system, follow this link
Can I use VR with glasses?
Most glasses fit easily inside the headset. For larger prescription glasses, the lens distance knobs can be adjusted to increase the space within the headset. We do ask that you ensure no part your glasses scratch the interior lenses.
Will I enjoy VR if I’m not a gamer?
Absolutely! Virtual Reality is not just the future of gaming, but the future of entertainment as a whole. We offer a wide variety of experiences to suit all players.
Can I play games with the person next to me?
If they are willing, we encourage it!
Can I share my playtime with my friends?
Yes! Remember that applying and removing the headset takes some time, and that the user who has booked the session is responsible for the care of the equipment.
Do you clean the equipment?
We clean all equipment between uses; we also provide antibacterial wipes that we encourage gamers to use before play.
My headset display is blurry. What should I do?
Try these troubleshooting suggestions:
- Check that the lenses are clean. You can use the cleaning cloth provided to wipe them if they are dirty.
-Make sure the headset is correctly placed — the bottom edge should rest on your cheekbones, while the strap should cup the back of your head. If the headset is too low, your display will appear blurry. Be sure to check that you can bend down without the headset slipping off.
- Speak to a member of our team if you are still experience problems.

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