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We are Actein

We a group of passionate gamers, TV and movie buffs, and literature lovers — essentially, we are passionate about stories. These media only offer a window into another world, however; we decided that wasn’t enough. At Actein, we take you through the door, and fully immerse you in the world on the other side.

Our focus is active entertainment — that means that you as a player not only enjoy the wonders of VR, but also get an active and social experience. We mix different media and technologies to deliver a unique experience with endless possibilities.

Why us?

Actein is the first — and currently only — virtual reality gaming centre in Norway. We’ll take you to environments you’d never normally be able to visit, from the deepest part of the ocean to the outer reaches of the solar system. With us, you get the chance to enter a world without limits, control your surroundings in real time, and experience the newest frontier in gaming and entertainment technology.

Contact us

You can use our live chat app in the right-hand corner of the site, speak to us via the feedback forms, or send us an email: We aim to respond to all email within 1 day and chat within 1 hour.

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Game over

We are shutting down our VR business in Kongegata!

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